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God Bless the Haitian people each and every
one and all, The survivors, The injured, The
dead. All their families and friends. Please


Happy Holidays to You and your Family. All
the Best for the coming year.
Will see you then.


Respects to Senator Edward M. Kennedy, A Citizen of the World
who died on August 25th 2009 and who spent his lifetime as a
champion of the less fortunate. His family’s motto is “Much is
expected of those to which much is given” and he lived up to that
motto. I hope his life will be an example to others rich or poor
or otherwise to volunteer their services to help our Youth and
the less fortunate around the world. Thank you and may God

National Youth Day

Everyday should be Youth Day. We must pay attention to our
Youth from their formative years and show them the right path.
All of us should be responsible for their well-being because some parents can’t or won’t. I will never be tired of hearing the saying
“It takes a village to raise a child” Our motto should be to help
develop and empower our Youth in a positive way. They are all
Our children. Keep them busy with many types of activities.
sports, music, cultural, educational etc. You do not have to have
the best equiptment to play a game. Remember the coconut bat
and ball, or pounding bottle caps to make spinners or making kites
out of newspapers and string, just use your imagination any
invention can be used. Any of us can volunteer to help children, maybe learn to read, do math, draw, any skill that you can show
them. Some Parents believe that their children must have
designer clothes with a label or the most expensive toys etc.
In our quest to give them everything, they grow up to feel
entitled and when they cannot get it as grown-ups, they go the
wrong way. I heard two parents talking about their teenagers,
1st said my child is texting too much, the other replied “Why are
you watching him? Isn’t that an invasion of his privacy? Now wait
a minute isn’t that a Parent’s privilege to know what their
children are doing so that they can lead them in the right path.
Remember we are All Responsible for All Our Children.
Volunteer to help Our Youth everyday.
Please send your comments.


Michael Jackson the King of Pop passed away at 50 years old.
People all over the world are plunged in mourning for him. In death
as well as  in Life we celebrate him as a Treasure who passed thru
this world. One of the Great Legends of our times of modern day music. It is reported that he sold over 50 million albums and was preparing for a  comeback to the limelight. Thank you Brother, You will truly be missed. God Bless!   

Any comments?


More Childhood Experiences

My Parents often told me “Better be a Leader than a Follower”
Now when I visit my daughter I sit in her
kitchen and look out at a pond and nature path across from her
back yard. On many nice days, children from the nearby schools
take their nature walk along the way. The little darlings in their
matching outfits walk in groups with a teacher or some adult
monitor. They hop, skip, and jump and seem to be having fun.
This brings me back to my own childhood. One fine day we went
on a school outing to one of the most beautiful places on our
island The Blue Basin Waterfall. The river with many tropical fish
runs through the mountain then falls over a cliff into a clear blue
pool-basin of water where people can bathe in the nice warm
water. Up on the banks there are lots of bamboo trees and the
dry leaves fall and cover the ground like silk and you can sit and
slide down the hill and have much fun all day. Now getting to
this wonderful site is not easy. The roads are narrow with
precipice on both sides and you are afraid to look down. But
when you get there it is pure heaven. On this day we went by
bus and got to the terminal safely. We then had to walk a few
miles to the waterfall. We formed groups with teachers and
monitors and walked along singing and dancing to pass the time.
My group was behind so I suddenly got a bright idea (which I
often had - smile) Why not take a short cut through a small
bushy road instead of the main road and we would get there
first? I really did not know where that road led. But remember
I was no follower. I was not surprised when the others followed
me. After all I was the head of my class at school, although I
was one of the smallest in stature. I felt like I had wings when
leading my classmates, marching along chanting one-two-three-
four, left-right, left-right. I felt elated when we reached a
clearing and saw the others I was RIGHT or was I WRONG. My
teacher - The Nun was very upset with me because they had to
go back to look for us and she would certainly tell my Parents
what I had done. I was very crushed by the scolding but that
did not spoil my day. I told myself that I would enjoy my outing
until I got home. Besides I am not a follower.
When we got back that evening my teacher complained to my
Father that I was very naughty by leading my classmates in a
different direction instead of following behind the others and
that I should be punished. My  Father just looked at me and
frowned. On the way home I sat in the back seat of the car in
silence thinking of my punishment when we got home and my
Mother had her say. To my surprise my Parents did not scold me
but gave each other Hi Fives. They were Happy because they remembered that they always told me to be a “Leader and not a
Follower” GET IT!

Childhood Experience

I am Not a celebrity but please get me out of here.
As a young girl I was sort of adventurous and did things like
climbing trees, biking, swimming, hiking, going on long treks etc
Usually we would leave early in the morning for a day out. but
one day we planned a trek through the woods which included
crossing a river with some deep and also shallow parts. Some of
the participants were procrastininators and we were late in
starting out. The plan was it would take about 4 hours to trek
through the woods, across the mountain and down through the
clearing to the ocean. But by starting out late we did not think
of the consequences. Hello! On the way we saw all types of
insects and small animals. Birds, red ants, large black ants,
spiders, grasshoppers, frogs, squirrels, agouti, lizards, and yes
Snakes hanging from trees. We did not know if any were poisonous .Some of the small animals changed colors to look
like trees or leaves so that you really could not tell. some were creepy and scary. After trekking for about 4 hours we reached
the clearing and looking down we saw the calm, serene, blue
ocean with white sand and the coconut trees swaying in the
gentle breeze and across the way the three mountain peaks to
the north that seem to guard the beautiful Island. It is said that they block the Island from hurricane winds. What a sight to behold! The orange sunset looming in the west. After soaking in the sights we realized that we had a 4 hour trek back with the insects, small animals, and yes the snakes hanging from the trees, only this time we were in darkness with flashlights-YIKES
We had a choice either trek another hour to the beach and sleep there or trek back 4 hours. For the likes of me,up to this day I
cannot understand why we came back in the darkness with the
leaves crunching under every footstep and shivering at the
thought of all the insects, small animals, and snakes underfoot and having to cross that river again. I was crying inside, PLEASE,


Childhood Stories.
When I was about 8 years old I loved to go to the Farmers
Market on Sunday Morning in our town to buy Fresh Meat and
Produce for our Family Sunday Dinner.
My Mother allowed me to do so because at that time,long ago
it was considered safe and I had a fierce father - smile who was
well known. Being very tiny I could hardly reach the counter at
the local butcher so I was crushed by the crowd of adults trying
to get the best cuts of meat and sadly that morning I was not successful and I did not want to go home empty-handed.
Suddenly I had a bright idea! I would go to the next market a
few miles away. So I hopped on a bus and went to get my
FRESH MEAT. Lo and behold there was no more. I would have
to wait for the next batch to come from the farm. After waiting patiently for a few hours the meat finally arrived. I gingerly
went up to the butchers counter, placed my money down for my
FRESH MEAT Then what a shock I got the meat was so FRESH
that it was still “jumping shaking and moving” It was only a mere
hour that it was butchered. Needless to say I grabbed my moneyand ran to the bus and back home.
Meanwhile my Mother was looking for me because the first
market had closed and I did not inform her that I was going to
the other market. So no meat for that Sunday Dinner and I got a “Talking to” to tell my Parents where I am going before I go.

Some Childhood Experiences

I was just thinking of some things that I did as a small child, like
following a steelband for miles without my Parents consent
because the music was so sweet and then realizing I did not
know where I was so I just started to walk back alone until I
saw something familiar. By this time it was dark and my Parents
were frantically looking for me. Please Tell us about some of
your Childhood experiences.

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