March 2023
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Trinidad Now! Associates

Volunteer your Time

“Yes We Can” Our Youth of Today is Our Future of Tomorrow.
Help them to grow up and lead successful lives.
Parents and All of Us should provide opportunities for them.
How? you ask. By VOLUNTEERING. Give your Time, Money, and
Energy. If We love your Country of T&T no matter who or
where We are and want it to [...]

T&T Carnival 2009

Hello All,
I am still waiting on your comments on T&T Carnival 2009
The site is still open.

Open Site

I am opening this site for your comments.
Tell me what you thought of Trinidad & Tobago Carnival

Is Calypso and Big Band Mas a Dying Art?

Is Calypso a dying Art? Can Soca really replace Calypso? Can
our Colourful Big Band Mas with a Theme really survive when
Mas have been reduced to beads, bikinis and wining. Say it ain’t
so. Everybody should take some time to really listen to Calypso
and understand them. Just as nobody can replace Pastel, Ginger
beer, Roti, and Doubles. History [...]

T&T Carnival The Best in The World

Trinidad & Tobago Carnival is the BEST in the World “bar none”
based on African & European Influences. J’ouvert, Ole Mas,
Calypso, Steelband, Soca, Chutney, Fete, Carnival King & Queen
Best Band, Big Bands, Sailor Bands, Road March, Children Mas on Sunday, Calypso Tents. Pan Yards, Jump Ups, Carnival Monday,
Tuesday, and even Wednesday Recuperation Day at the beach
all [...]

Road March

Kaiso, moko jumbie, red devil, stickfight. old mas does any of
these words mean anything to you? Ask some of the old folks
and they will recite you a litany. Now I hear that Chutney is
the big thing and can even be up for Road March. Do you think
that Chutney can join prople like Mighty Sparrow, Super [...]


I want to pay TRIBUTE to my MOTHER and FATHER for
everything they taught me.
You can also use this site to express your own THANKS! to
anyone you want.
Send your comments now.

Respect & Value

I know that during Carnival Time People jump up and sometimes
bump into each other and we dont get mad. Everybody having
a good time playing mas. We should also be civil to each other
at other times of the year. Dont get hot under the collar when
you feel someone else is disrespecting you. Use humour to calm
the [...]

T&T Carnival 2009

T&T Carnival is coming soon. Please write and tell what you
will be doing. and what it means to you. Ask some of your elders
what it was like long ago compared to now,and share it with us.

Long Time Coming!

For a long time I wanted to convey to my FRIENDS - The
people of T&T to help make the country great as ever but I
thought that I had to have a LOT OF MONEY or win
a sweepstake or something but as time passes I realize we
cannot wait. I ask you all to join me to [...]