December 2022
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Childhood Experience

I am Not a celebrity but please get me out of here.
As a young girl I was sort of adventurous and did things like
climbing trees, biking, swimming, hiking, going on long treks etc
Usually we would leave early in the morning for a day out. but
one day we planned a trek through the woods which included
crossing a river with some deep and also shallow parts. Some of
the participants were procrastininators and we were late in
starting out. The plan was it would take about 4 hours to trek
through the woods, across the mountain and down through the
clearing to the ocean. But by starting out late we did not think
of the consequences. Hello! On the way we saw all types of
insects and small animals. Birds, red ants, large black ants,
spiders, grasshoppers, frogs, squirrels, agouti, lizards, and yes
Snakes hanging from trees. We did not know if any were poisonous .Some of the small animals changed colors to look
like trees or leaves so that you really could not tell. some were creepy and scary. After trekking for about 4 hours we reached
the clearing and looking down we saw the calm, serene, blue
ocean with white sand and the coconut trees swaying in the
gentle breeze and across the way the three mountain peaks to
the north that seem to guard the beautiful Island. It is said that they block the Island from hurricane winds. What a sight to behold! The orange sunset looming in the west. After soaking in the sights we realized that we had a 4 hour trek back with the insects, small animals, and yes the snakes hanging from the trees, only this time we were in darkness with flashlights-YIKES
We had a choice either trek another hour to the beach and sleep there or trek back 4 hours. For the likes of me,up to this day I
cannot understand why we came back in the darkness with the
leaves crunching under every footstep and shivering at the
thought of all the insects, small animals, and snakes underfoot and having to cross that river again. I was crying inside, PLEASE,

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