September 2023
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National Youth Day

Everyday should be Youth Day. We must pay attention to our
Youth from their formative years and show them the right path.
All of us should be responsible for their well-being because some parents can’t or won’t. I will never be tired of hearing the saying
“It takes a village to raise a child” Our motto should be to help
develop and empower our Youth in a positive way. They are all
Our children. Keep them busy with many types of activities.
sports, music, cultural, educational etc. You do not have to have
the best equiptment to play a game. Remember the coconut bat
and ball, or pounding bottle caps to make spinners or making kites
out of newspapers and string, just use your imagination any
invention can be used. Any of us can volunteer to help children, maybe learn to read, do math, draw, any skill that you can show
them. Some Parents believe that their children must have
designer clothes with a label or the most expensive toys etc.
In our quest to give them everything, they grow up to feel
entitled and when they cannot get it as grown-ups, they go the
wrong way. I heard two parents talking about their teenagers,
1st said my child is texting too much, the other replied “Why are
you watching him? Isn’t that an invasion of his privacy? Now wait
a minute isn’t that a Parent’s privilege to know what their
children are doing so that they can lead them in the right path.
Remember we are All Responsible for All Our Children.
Volunteer to help Our Youth everyday.
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